The Wonkidos Animated Social Skills are fun, award winning, silly cartoons that teach children important lessons in a fun animated way!  Each Wonkidos episode is a short animation modeling correct behaviors that is fun and interactive for all young children. Let the Wonkidos help your child learn important social and life skills for positive social interactions.


Kids learn best when engaged and having fun. Video modeling helps teach your child the correct behaviors of what to do in the correct situation.     The Wonkidos also have plush toys available to help encourage children to engage in pretend play and imagination.  

Teach your child the important skills they need to know

- Visual Learning
- Video Modeling
- Fun Animated Cartoon to visually teach children
- Important Social and Life Skills


Applied Theraputic Approach

The Wonkidos theme song “I do, We do, You do” came from an applied therapeutic
approach to help teach children that learning is a collaborative effort and to share that
each child has the ability to overcome any difficult task.  Each episode uses developmental
approaches to teach children everyday skills regardless of age or developmental level.  

Every episode began though consultation from developmental specialists.  We then
added input from parents to create the approach and teachings in each video. Brighter
Futures for Beautiful Minds created each topic and outlined the steps and approach for
each video. Making them the most effective and successful for children. 



Going Potty

Getting Dressed

Ordering at a Restaurant

What to do if you get lost

Playing with Friends

Exercise and Eating Healthy

Saying Hello

Making Eye Contact

Taking Turns Choosing Games